Bento Box, Bento Lunch Box for Kids and Adults, Leakproof Lunch Containers with 3 Compartments, Lunch box Made by Wheat Fiber Material(White)

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Bento box for kids and adults.

The Top Choice of Healthy Life!

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We specialize in the production and sale of Bento boxes for kids and adults.

This is a portable lunch box that can be taken away at any time.

We advocate a healthy lifestyle. The bento box is made of safe.

Wheat fiber material and all materials are FDA tested and can be used in microwaves and refrigerators freely.

If you often bring lunch with you, this lunch box is perfect for you.

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1. Made by wheat fiber materials. Safe to use on daily basis. This Bento Box use the most environment friendly wheat fiber materials. FDA passed and BPA free. It is safe and reliable. Make sure you can enjoy delicious food everyday.
2. 100% no leaking bento box. We understand that you need a sealed designed bento box to carry your lunch. We design it with tight sealing material to make sure 100% no leaking when bringing your lunch. You can be rest assure about this. PS: This bento box is not suitable to carry soup. It is for carrying food only.
3. Three compartments bento box. We understand you may bring different kinds of food for your lunch. The separating design is really important. According to many of our customers, three separated compartment of lunch boxes are the most reasonable design. It is enough to meet your lunch needs.
4. A heat resisting bento box. When you bring your lunch to your office, you can reheat it by Microwave. But make sure open the lid when using the microwave, as the lid is very tight with the box and the gas cannot come out if close it when heating.
5. Easy to Carry It is a portable lunch box. Small and easy to carry. The size is only 9.8*7.7*2.7in. You can put it into your bag easily without worrying about leaking. It is really suitable for the busy office people or the travelling people.


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