Bamboo Food Storage Container Set Natural Bamboo Fiber Square Lunch Boxes With Plastic Lids- Reusable BPA-Free Meal Prep Containers For Kids & Adults

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(1) Made from bamboo powder, crop stalks, wheat bran, rice hull and so on. All raw materials are natural and eco-friendly.

(2) The bamboo fiber balance materials and waste materials can be reused.

(3) Pantone color can be accepted, diverse styles.

(4) The products will be easily biodegraded after burying under the soil, it is nonpoisonous. From the nature and back to the nature.

(5) Food safe, non-toxic, non-fragile and tasteless.

(6) High strength, unbreakable and durable.

(7) Waterproof, non-flammable.

(8) It has unique natural rustic texture and delicate appearance.

(9) Food safe and non-toxic certifications available, LFGB heavy metal content testing.

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  • HIGH QUALITY, FOOD-SAFE, NATURAL BAMBOO FIBER BOWL SET: Made of bamboo fibers, the Zrike Brands non-plastic lunch container sets are strong, sturdy and durable, making them a great choice for any use around the kitchen. BPA-Free, food-safe and easy to clean, they are great for kids and adults. What’s more, they are sustainable and earth-friendly!
  • LEAKPROOF, AIRTIGHT PLASTIC LIDS FOR PROLONGED FRESHNESS: Our airtight food storage containers come with clear plastic lids to keep the contents of your bowls safely stored and fresh for longer. Stackable and nesting for space-saving storage, you can use them with peace of mind in your fridge, cupboards, pantry or take them with you on-the-go, without worrying about leaks!
  • BREAK-RESISTANT, LIGHTWEIGHT & SAFE FOR KIDS OF ANY AGE: Unlike fragile glass bowls and smelly plastic containers, our Disney bamboo lunch boxes are shatterproof, lightweight and suitable even for clumsy little toddlers and young kiddos. Reusable and unbeatably practical, they are the perfect alternative to earth-burdening plastic bowls.

They feature a nesting design for space-saving storage! MADE FROM PREMIUM-QUALITY, NATURAL BAMBOO FIBERS * BPA-Free & Food-Safe * 100% Non-Toxic & Chemical-Free * Extremely Durable * Virtually Unbreakable * Scratch & Chip Resistant * Sustainable & Friendly To Our Planet LEAKPROOF LIDS INCLUDED – ZERO SPILLS, ZERO MESS. LIGHTWEIGHT, STACKABLE, NESTING & SHATTERPROOF. GREAT FOR: – Lunch Boxes – Pantry Organization – Packing Snacks – Refrigerating Leftovers – Storing Dry Ingredients UNIQUE WINNIE THE POOH HONEY POT FLOWER DESIGN – CUTENESS OVERLOAD. GREAT FOR HOME, SCHOOL, WORK & EVEN TRAVELS! Reusable, easy-to-clean and break-resistant, these bamboo food storage containers are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Camping? Road-tripping? Picnics? Winnie The Pooh will have you covered! EQUAL PARTS CUTE & PRACTICAL – JUST HOW YOUR KITCHEN ORGANIZATION SUPPLIES SHOULD BE. ORDER YOURS TODAY

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