Kitchen Canisters Bamboo Fiber Food Storage Jar Set, Stackable Containers with Airtight Seal Bamboo Lid for Serving Ground Coffee, Tea, Herbs, Grains, Sugar, Salt and More – Pack of 3

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(1) Made from bamboo powder, crop stalks, wheat bran, rice hull and so on. All raw materials are natural and eco-friendly.

(2) The bamboo fiber balance materials and waste materials can be reused.

(3) Pantone color can be accepted, diverse styles.

(4) The products will be easily biodegraded after burying under the soil, it is nonpoisonous. From the nature and back to the nature.

(5) Food safe, non-toxic , non-fragile and tasteless.

(6) High strength, unbreakable and durable.

(7) Waterproof, non-flammable.

(8) It has unique natural rustic texture and delicate appearance.

(9) Food safe and non-toxic certifications available, LFGB heavy metal content testing.

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  • Tips: If the lid is not working properly or pop out frequently, please try to replace one. (Each canister came with two seal rings) If it still doesn’t work, you can puncture two closed air holes on the rubber ring. Then rotate the lid while pressing down to ensure a tight seal.
  • Easy to Store – 4 different sizes, fluid maximum capacity is about 13/23/37/56 fl oz. Suitable for coffe, tea, candy, sugar, salt, pepper, flour, seeds and so on. Due to the different density of the particles, the solid storage capacity may not reach the maximum, which exists deviations.
  • Practical Design – The smooth appearance and simple design can match your cabinet, highlighting the elegant and modern style. The bottom of our storage containers fits well with the lid and can be stacked easily, saving you some space in your kitchen.
  • Bmaboo FIBER Material – food storage containers are made of high-quality bamboo. The containers with wooden lid and rubber seal to ensure a true airtight seal and lightproof. They are good for maintaining food and seasoning fresh.
  • Precautious for Use – The original wooden lid has a slight odor what doesn’t affect the use. Airing several times will disappear. When sealing, rotate and press the lid at the same time. Lids are hand wash only. Canisters are microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • Multiple Choices – Considering the multi capacity requirements, we have made a combination and match, and provide a variety of colors for you to choose from. You can choose any size according to the food you want to store, and choose the color you prefer to fit in with your kitchen decor and coffee bar.

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